In The Twelfth Dynasty Egyptian Literature
A Reconstruction

Conventional biblical scholars tentatively position Moses during the Ancient Egyptian New Kingdom reign of Ramses II. Not much evidence supports this view.

However, the Egyptian Twelfth Dynasty stories provide so many details which match the Exodus details, that these coincidences strongly suggest that both sources are describing the same events.

Also, a theory from the controversial Immanuel Velikovsky - that the Passover angel was a comet - fits into this reconstruction.

In addition, a reading by psychic Edgar Cayce identifies the "abused Hebrew" as Moses' sister. The reading hints that Moses killed the pharaoh who despoiled her.

This reconstruction not only identifies Moses in the Egyptian literature, but also this sister and nine other characters, seven pharaohs among them.

The Six Kings

Amenemhet I - Sehetepibre (1991-1962)
First king of the 12th Dynasty. Prophecies of Neferti purportedly predicted his reign. The Story of Sinuhe tells of the events concerning his murder. Instructions of Amenemhet I to his son, Sesostris I, tells another version of the murder. This is 'the Egyptian' killed by Moses (as Sinuhe) for 'abusing a Hebrew'. He is Moses' half-brother and adoptive step-father. His mother is Nubian.

Senusret I - Kheperkare (1971-1926)
Second king of the 12th Dynasty. Son of Amenemhet I, co-regent with him for 10 years before the murder. Had the Instructions (above) written as propaganda. He is the pharo 'who sought Moses' life'. He is Moses' half-brother, the 'dark' triplet.

Amenemhet II - Nubkaure (1929-1895)
Third king of the 12th Dynasty. Son of Sesostris I. He is the king Nubkaure, who listened to the Eloquent Peasant (Aaron). He (not Sesostris I) welcomed Sinuhe (Moses) back to Egypt. He is the pharoah of the Exodus. He lost his firstborn to the passover angel, and he lost his army in the Red Sea skirmish. He is the nephew of Moses and Aaron who were his father's half-brothers. He is 'the Horus', the nephew of Seth, in the 80 Year Contendings of Horus and Seth.

Senusret II - Khakheperre (1897-1878)
Fourth king of the 12th Dynasty. He is the Eloquent Peasant. The tale Exploits of Sesostris tells of a king's battle with his brother who was 'left in charge' of Egypt. It also tells of the deaths of his two sons by fire. He is also the triplet predicted to be not only king, but also the high priest of On. He is the Man who had a Debate with his Ba. He also wrote Lamentations of Khakheperre before he died. He is Aaron.

Senusret III - Khakhaure (1878-1841)
Fifth king of the 12th Dynasty. Usually considered to be son of Sesostris II, his is actually the half-brother of Sesostris I, and brother of Sesostris II (Aaron). He is the 'mighty' triplet. He is Sinuhe, who plotted the murder of Amenemhet I. He is the unnamed but known murderer, in the Instructions. He is the 'wretch' for whom the Eloquent Peasant pleads. He is Seth in Horus and Seth (the later version). He is the Shipwrecked Sailor, the wreck being his failed coup plot as Sinuhe. He is Moses.

Amenemhet III - Nymaatre (1842-1797)
Sixth king of the 12th Dynasty. Son of Sesostris III. He is Joshua.

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